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The Wahoo Team

Our videos take your viewer on a journey, one that educates and inspires them to take real action. Videos have become more compelling, more immersive, and more experiential. Combined with the latest video marketing techniques, online video will improve your web traffic, increase engagement and expand your audience base.

With our expertise in video production, coupled with the use of emerging technology, we will tell your story in a manner that will connect you with future audiences. We are passionate about finding unique ways to tell your story so that it will resonate with your target audience.

We’ve been in business since 2005. Please let us know if you would like any references.

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Meet the Team

Michelle Alvarado

Creative Director & Owner

It’s rare that someone finds their passion at such a young age and follows it dogmatically, unwilling to be diverted by adolescent whims. But just like her images, Michelle stayed focused. She went to USC Cinema and landed a job at National Geographic, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Showtime. For over ten years, she’s owned Wahoo Films. Michelle’s genuine passion for her customers is evident in the videos she produces for them.

Bubba Serrano

Director of Photography & Editor

After four years of essay writing as a Film Theory major at Harvard, Bubba decided it was time to make a few films of his own. For the next five years, he traveled to over fifteen countries as part of the EF Education First production crew while capturing inspiring stories and honing his craft as a visual storyteller. Bubba brings the same passion to every project – working till every shot, cut, and keyframe is just right.

Henry Kim

Creative Producer

Gaining decades of sales and marketing experience in various corporate industries and as an entrepreneur, Henry leveraged these skills to seek new adventure and opportunity. He found home in Bend while also pursuing his dream of becoming a storyteller with Wahoo Films for the past five years. Dedicated to every partnership Wahoo grows, he’s discovered connecting with customers and the community through quality storytelling has been the journey he’s been seeking when he first took that leap of faith.

Buster Tronolone Jr

Drone and Directory of Photography

Buster got his start traveling the world as a DP while honing his eye with a 4k camera and drone to capture unique perspectives of surfing and kiteboarding for national TV. He applies that same rock star ability to create stunning visuals and compelling stories for our customers who really enjoy working with him.

Sean Struble


Five years ago, Sean cycled up to the Wahoo Films office to see if we were hiring. His modest approach impressed us soon after watching his videos and learning about his degree in film/video. Over the years, Sean has become increasingly versatile in his skills with animation and video color stylizing. Sean loves to edit while traveling the country with his road dog Bear in his custom van that not only serves as his ride but also his very own solar-powered editing suite complete with doggy bed.

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