A Dam Problem

Wahoo Films produced a short documentary for Upper Deschutes Watershed Council telling the story behind the development of a complex watershed restoration project. The film highlights the investment in time and relationship building needed to complete a successful dam removal and floodplain restoration project near Sisters, OR, that benefited farmers, fish and the surrounding ecosystem. The emphasis of the video was the “human” element of the project, the cooperation, trust, and creativity necessary to accomplish this significant undertaking. The video consists primarily of scripted interviews and documentary-style footage.
Wahoo Films does great work! I’ve worked with them for nearly 10 years and been very impressed with the films they produce – interesting, engaging, creative and of the highest quality. Great team of people.
Ryan Houston

Executive Director, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council






Company: Upper Deschutes Watershed Council
Title: A Dam Problem
Length: 5:51
Produced: 2015