Sagebrush Sisters

The Oregon Natural Desert Association hired Wahoo Films to follow the story of three stalwart women hiking between the two wildlife refuges, cataloging what they found along the way, and taking in the beauty of this region. This short documentary explores the importance of an intact Greater Hart-Sheldon Region, particularly for wildlife and habitat connectivity. The Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and surrounding public lands encompass critical wildlife corridors – especially for pronghorn antelope and sage-grouse. The video made it into numerous film festivals throughout the NW including Wild and Scenic Film Festival, EcoFilm Festival, and BendFilm, aired on Oregon Public Broadcasting (a PBS affiliate), and was requested to play at numerous events throughout the US.
We were thrilled by the dedication of the Wahoo Films team to get our projects right. They were professional, creative and eager to find ways to make a quality product. I’ve worked with Wahoo on three films, and they have been amazing tools for us.
Heidi Hagemeier

Former Communications Director, Oregon Natural Desert Association

Services Scripting Production Editing Distribution Animation Social Media
Company: Oregon Natural Desert Association Title: Sagebrush Sisters Length: 7:11 Produced: 2015