Change the Story

The Deschutes River Conservancy needed to highlight the importance of collaboration and coming to a multi-benefit solution that works for all the key stakeholders. They came to Wahoo Films where we helped find their most meaningful story and their new campaign tagline Change the Story. We had to produce this film in a very short timeline and completed the project by capturing the interviews and leaning on our stock footage while working with other local camera operators to gather quality river footage. This video played at their fundraising annual gala event and helped fundraise 150% of their expected goal. Further, Wahoo Films re-edited the longer video into smaller segments (30-60 secs) to be distributed in social media and newsletter campaigns that have garnered thousands of views.

Wahoo Films excels at taking complicated stories and distilling them down to a simple message that compels the viewer to care and act. Working with them is easy and efficient. We were very happy with the work that they did for us at the Deschutes River Conservancy.

Marisa Chappell Hossick

Outreach Manager, Deschutes River Conservancy






Social Media

Company: Deschutes River Conservancy
Title: Change the Story
Length: 5:11
Produced: 2017

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