Central Oregon is Hiring

EDCO was in need of a promotional spot highlighting the myriad of work and play opportunities in Central Oregon, with the intended goal of inspiring viewers to move to the area. Wahoo Films produced a playful and engaging 90-second video capturing the high-energy culture of the region, as well as the thriving industries for jobs. Emphasis was placed on unparalleled access to outdoor activities in tandem with a healthy and diverse economy.

We had such an incredibly positive and productive experience with Wahoo Films. They developed three separate and distinctive short videos for us and our partners to promote our area and collective work. 

Thank you to the entire incredible Wahoo Team – they are all amazing!

Heather Ficht

Executive Director, East Cascades Workforce Investment Board

Drone Production
Social Media

Company: EDCO + ECWIB
Title: Central Oregon is Hiring
Length: 1:30
Produced: 2018