Finding the Salmon Signal

The State of Salmon Overview video goal was to educate and inform the public, legislature, tribes and the business community about the types of salmon monitoring happening throughout the state. It highlights the 5 monitoring methods and describes what the scientists are doing. Wahoo Films was contracted to develop, film and produce 4 videos within a contracted timeframe highlighting salmon monitoring projects by Washington Recreation and Conservation Office. We worked with our client and a writer to establish the messaging, interview questions, and script for each video. Our director and crew filmed throughout the western half of Washington with HD on-the-ground camera, underwater camera, and aerials via drone and airplane to capture all aspects for the videos. We edited all videos in the latest software mixing b-roll with interviews. We stayed on budget and on our timeline to complete all videos and deliverables days before the set due date.
Wahoo Films is an outstanding company. They worked tirelessly with us to produce nine videos about salmon science, monitoring, and hatcheries. These complex topics were a challenge for us to communicate clearly to the public, but with Wahoo’s guidance, focus, creativity, and patience we made it happen. Michelle and her crew navigated our opinionated script committees and culturally sensitive topics with grace. Thanks Wahoo!
Jennifer Johnson

Implementation Coordinator, Governor's Salmon Recovery Office







Company: Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office
Title: Finding the Salmon Signal
Length: 5:30
Produced: 2015