Positive Human Development

Oregon Youth Authority, OYA, wanted to create a video to show the public how OYA is working to improve outcomes and reformation for youth by moving toward a positive human development model through their physical buildings. By sharing what OYA is doing now with current construction projects, the video demonstrated how juvenile corrections best practices have changed, how good investments in OYA facilities are supporting the current work toward youth reformation, and how other states can enhance their physical environments to improve youth outcomes. The video told this story through the voices of the youth and faculty with footage from five of the OYA Correctional Facilities throughout Oregon.

Wahoo Films was wonderful to work with from beginning to end. From the pre-planning process all the way until video completion, their entire staff was highly organized, incredibly responsive, open to collaboration and feedback, and dedicated to telling our story in the way that best met our needs. Wahoo brought impressive expertise to the project, and the end result was exactly what we wanted: a high-quality, engaging video that tells our story with impact and has been well-received by our audiences.

Sarah Evans

Deputy Communications Manager, Oregon Youth Authority





Company: Oregon Youth Authority
Title: Positive Human Development
Length: 5:29
Produced: 2016