Stories from the Neighborhood

Our director, Michelle flew out to Denver to capture the EcoDistricts Summit annual event. Michelle suggested we capture a few interviews on the street discussing the topic of interest, Stories of our Neighborhoods, specifically focused on sustainable urban development. The video was filmed the day before the conference around the streets of Denver and then a few participants from the conference before editing that same day and airing it the second day of the conference. A late night edit and 24-hour turn-around were well worth the positive feedback and discussions sparked by the event attendees.






I was thrilled to have Wahoo Films on board as our storytelling partner for the Denver EcoDistricts Summit. To capture our host city of Denver’s unique urban development story, Michelle directed the filming of candid street interviews spanning a wide range of perspectives and neighborhoods. She quickly and artistically edited a high-quality, on-brand short form video that we aired on the main stage to kick off day two, leaving our attendees energized. Equally important, Michelle captured the entirety of the Summit’s unique experiential format, from food cart lunches to neighborhood walking tours, and sessions held in some of Denver’s most iconic architectural feats like the Denver Art Museum—all to be used in a marketing video for the next year’s event.
Tiffany Meyer

Former Director of Marketing and Engagement, EcoDistricts

Company: EcoDistricts
Title: Stories from the Neighborhood
Length: 3:06
Produced: 2016