Sweat Equity

Bend Habitat for Humanity wanted to produce a fundraising video that highlights their Sweat Equity program. Because Habitat for Humanity has been Wahoo’s client for several years, we were able to repurpose footage from previous videos to save Habitat on their total investment and tell a more developed and comprehensive visual story about several families’ valuable insights and experiences gained by successfully completing Habitat’s program. The video played at their Annual Fundraising Build It! Breakfast where they exceeded their fundraising goals into the 6 digits! We are thrilled to be a part of creating meaningful stories that can help raise funding for the families they serve. Thanks Bend Habitat for Humanity for all the awesome work you do for our community. What an amazing turnout with wonderful people at the Build It! Breakfast this morning- we are grateful to help contribute to a great cause, and look forward to continuing to share your story without community members!





Company: Bend Habitat for Humanity
Title: Sweat Equity
Length: 3:11
Produced: 2018