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Travel Oregon is an ongoing partner who has worked with Wahoo Films to produce several short films that inspire viewers to explore the great outdoors. From educational stories that encourage responsible recreation outdoors to adventurous stories that ensure our wildlife and favorite places to recreate are preserved for generations to come, our videos have garnered hundreds of thousands of views online through organic shared media.

I teamed up with Wahoo to produce a mini-doc profile of a star Oregon athlete. That required some care in terms of scheduling, clear communication, and delivering high-quality, polished footage. The entire Wahoo team knocked it out of the park and surpassed my team’s expectations. They collaborated with our editorial department to ensure the story was compelling and narrative-driven, and their management of the project was very hands-on. I’m excited to work together again soon!”

Jon Shadel

Former Producer, MEDIAmerica



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Drone Production


Company: Travel Oregon
Title: Movement is Medicine
Length: 5:00
Description: Movement in Medicine was featured on Travel Oregon’s homepage in Spring 2022 and distributed throughout their various social media channels. The story shares Acosia Red Elk’s journey from her childhood to fulfilling her dream of becoming a world champion jingle dancer, and then to her realization of becoming an instructor of movement as medicine.

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