Donations Without Fees on YouTube

How To Get Donations Without Merchant Fees

Many online donations are subject to fees through companies like PayPal, who often take upwards of 3% of the donation for processing. This may seem like a huge deal for an online donation of, let’s say, $5, but if someone donates larger amounts, it adds up! We found a new online option that takes 0% fees.

The Fix!

Once you’ve created an emotional story, it’s time to use it to raise money for your cause. As the How-To video below shows, YouTube has generously created a way for viewers to donate while watching a video. You can embed this video into your donation page on your website, post it to your Facebook page, or email the link in your newsletter!

How To Do It

Check out the video below created by YouTube to help nonprofits take advantage of this awesome new feature!

Let’s Try It

We hope every nonprofit is able to take advantage of the donation feature on YouTube. If the steps are giving you trouble, let us know and we’ll do our best to help! Just email